Shire Projects
The Shire of Sol Haven has a history of compulsive elaboration, and one of our recurring projects is the creation of personality dolls representing various colorful Meridian Peers. These Adopt-a-Peer Dolls have been auctioned off on numerous occasions as Kingdom Fund-Raisers, and are still being created today.

2009 Adopt-a-Peer Dolls

Dolls from 2009 representing (Left to Right): Sir Aidan MacKay, Master Salih of Aksary, Dame Yseult de Montagu, Mistress stephanie of Netherwode, Duchess Deirdre inghean ui Thighearnain, Mistress Derbail ingen Chonchobhair, Sir Conchobhar mac Bruaidin, Duke Boru Aelwyn.

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